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Sacha and Damiris are amazing. We have the home of our dreams because they not only convinced us it was perfect - but also made it happen. Both Sacha and Damiris had a lot going on personally, but still made sure that our first home purchase was a smooth one. They also put our minds at ease regarding a number of things that we were not sure about. Thank you so much for your guidance and help - if anyone is looking for a great agent make sure you connect with either one of them."
You really can't ask for better service and experience. I have never met such a hard working and amazing family, truly inspiring. Thanks Sacha and Damiris!
There is a huge challenge in taking the initial steps in buying a new house. Educating yourself with all the terms, conditions, programs and of course 'fine print' can be an overwhelming and lengthy process. I work at a financial institution and I deal with real estate representatives on a regular basis. I chose to go with damiris for my first home purchase because she was thoroughly proactive in determining my needs. She presented several options and what I valued most was her advice and honesty with each property. I did not feel intimidated, rushed or overwhelmed. I felt like I was a part of the process and with her guidance I was able to feel secure with the property I eventually purchased. I was made confident with the agreements that I had signed as everything was explained in lament terms and I was advised of all the forecasted costs and expenses. I would definitely recommend damiris with the utmost certainty in knowing that she will provide great personable service from beginning to end.
I thank the Lord everyday for giving me the opportunity to have met such a wonderful, intelligent and professional person as Damiris. I admire her for her patience and enthusiasm when talking to me or anyone on real estate or any topic for that matter. She is always jolly and makes me feel so comfortable. She knows her job and would go to any length to satisfy her clients. She did it for me when I wanted to sell my house. She researched for long hours and made sure we got what we deserved. I would certainly recommend her without doubt to anyone who wants to buy or sell. As a matter of fact Damiris is an all-rounded person, anything at all you want to know she can assist or direct you to the right people. My family and I are very lucky to have such a wonderful person as our friend and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs real estate information. Go Girlfriend.
I cannot say enough about this beautiful woman who secured my first home for me on our beautiful lake, at considerable expense to herself. Her knowledge, infectious spirit and positive, joyful outlook have been invaluable to me and to my family in almost every aspect of our lives. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate or in simply seeking advice on a myriad of subjects.She has ALWAYS been there for me and she will be there for you. We love you Damiris

Sacha was an excellent source of information and support. He was knowledgeable about the properties I was interested in, and really took great interest in matching my needs with the condos I saw. He was incredibly quick to respond via email/phone to any questions I had, and very hard-working (in fact, I am not sure if he sleeps at all). He was successful in negotiating an excellent price for my place, and looked out for my best interests. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and not at all stressful. Will definitely recommend him, and look forward to working with him in my future purposes.

Sacha and Damiris make a great team where they offer diversified strengths. Damiris is very smart and compassionate. She helped me confirm that the house was a good purchase while also helping me realize that it felt like home. She was flexible with her time as I went back to see the house a few times before I made an offer. Sacha is very savvy and detail oriented. My purchase and sale happened very quickly. He was confident and he provided me with the comparables and details that I wouldn't have thought about, which factor into market value. Sacha definitely does his research before making an offer. I appreciated his strategy. On the other end, he was helpful with selling my condo. He tried a variety of strategies as he understood I was under time constraints to sell. Overall they both offered a fantastic experience during a very stressful time. I appreciated their knowledge and support.
I have really enjoyed the time I spent with Damiris while she helped me find a condo in Toronto. As a first-time buyer, I had always been skeptical about the value of a real estate agent, partly because my dad once had a poor experience and because there are those agents who aggressively market themselves and who make me feel uncomfortable about the quality of service I can expect. When I started my search for a new or resale condo in Toronto, I wanted to seek the help of a real estate agent but there are literally thousands to choose from, and the search was even harder since I lived two hours outside the city. At the time, I was also looking for condo rentals and that's how I met Damiris, through one of her listings on the MLS Web site. Damiris spent an afternoon helping me search through the available condo rentals and immediately found attractive listings that I had not been able to find on my own. I appreciated the time and attention she gave me and I shared with her that I had also been looking to buy a condo but that I had been unable to find anything compelling on my own. After having spent a couple hours with me, Damiris had an understanding of what I was looking for and was able to suggest a new condo development that turned out to be a perfect fit! Without her help, I may well have settled for a condo in a less than ideal location, but she was able to show me options that I didn't know existed. With her help, I feel I have purchased a condo that offers a better value for my money and a better investment in resale potential. I also feel that it offers a more enjoyable living experience and I'm really happy about that. Whenever my friends talk about buying a home, I tell them how Damiris helped me and I encourage them to talk to her when they're ready to start looking. She's very easy to talk to and I always enjoy the conversations we have, whether it's about real estate or anything else. She spoke on my behalf and in my best interest when negotiating the best deal for my condo, and her knowledge and experience were invaluable to me as a first-time buyer. If you're at all skeptical or unsure about choosing an agent like I was, you'll absolutely love talking to Damiris and I highly recommend that you give her a call
Sacha and Damiris are hands down the best agents you can find. The number one thing is that they will not rest until you find the perfect place, and they handle all of the bumps in the process with the most relaxed and positive attitude. Sacha promised me that I will get my perfect new home, and because of him I got exactly that. Because of his expertise and knowledge I was also able to sell my place at the exact price that I wanted. With his calm and collected approach and his incredible amount of experience, Sacha got me exactly what I was hoping for with both the sale and purchase. This is the second purchase that I've made with Sacha's help, and any and all of my future purchases will be with him as well.
I first met Damiris 9 years ago when I was going through a tough time personally. Damiris was able to empathize with my situation and even though I wasn't sure if I would be able to buy, Damiris willingly showed me around right from the East end to the West end. Never once did she pressurize me nor did she show any reluctance because of the uncertainty of the outcome. With this true love for what she does she endeared herself to me and I have used her ever since. With her charming personality she was able to convince a very tough seller to accept my offer even though he had turned down previous offers from other buyers for the same price. When I have been the seller she has accurately determined the selling price and got me the price I wanted. I don't know how she does it but she is FANTASTIC! I recommend her to all my friends as she is the only real estate agent I trust implicitly and I know she will never let a client down. She is one of the most hard working people I've known.
It is said that buying and selling a home/s is one of the most stressful ventures one undertakes in ones life. Sacha and his team made it painless...he is a knowledgeable, street smart marketeers who know his business and shares that knowledge for your interest; he does not over promise and under delivers, he is honest and forth right and he does not pester you which is appreciated. In this busy world with many competing interests Sacha and his team cuts through it and delivers. My house was on the market for 5 days, with 3 homes for sale on my street by the way, and mine went first....!!! The bonus.... in addition to the real estate part... he is also a nice guy! I was and am happy! Thank you Sacha.
We purchased our first home recently and could not have done it without Damiris' help. We found that Damiris was quite knowledgeable about all aspects of the Real Estate process and was able to guide us through some very difficult decisions. She put us in touch with all the right people to make our dream happen. Damiris worked very hard to find a property which would meet our needs as a family. Thank you Damiris for all your help.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sacha and his team of professionals. He sold our house for well more than we expected to receive and he helped with the purchase of our new home, negotiating a very attractive purchase price. We thoroughly valued and enjoyed working with Sacha through the entire process of buying and selling our home. Sacha is a person of "honesty" and "Integrity" . We never once worried that he was not working and advocating for our best interest. He understands real estate and knows the market . He answered all of our questions and always provided data, evidence and market reports to support his thinking. Sacha has a very strong support team who have access to numerous real estate tools and resources. His attention to customer service is his greatest strength. Calls and emails were always answered promptly, he listened, was patient and we never felt rushed or hurried in having to make a decision. Simply put, he is just a really nice human being and it showed in how he treated us as clients. My wife and I could not have asked for a better real estate experience for our family. We will definitely refer Sacha to family and friends and will have no hesitation to call Sacha again for our future real estate needs. A sincere thank you to Sacha and his team for looking after us as we bought and sold our home.
Damiris is not only an agent but a friend. She has integrity, warmth, smarts and works exceedingly hard for each and every client. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in an instance. She has done wonderful work for me as a real estate agent, and I hope she will do so again in the future. I would not call on anyone else. She is the best.
Damiris Moro is simply the best realtor I've ever worked with in a life of many, many changes of address. Thanks to her, my husband and I recently moved into the condominium of our dreams at a price we could afford within 4 months of the first time we went house-hunting. Also thanks to her, our townhouse sold within a month at a time when others in the same development were taking 2-4 months to find buyers. How did she do this? She began by listening sympathetically and critically to our reasons for moving. Through asking imaginative, but not intrusive, questions, she helped us hear underlying wishes whose importance we wouldn't have recognized ourselves; my need for a separate meditation room, my husband's yearning for lots of big closets. She took time with us during several meetings to clarify her understanding for our goals. Her experience helped us zero in on what factors were essential (an indoor swimming pool for me, exercise equipment for him) and what were not (office space for each of us was essential, but separate offices weren't). Actual site visits demonstrated how carefully she had chosen them with us in mind. We toured about 10 different condominium apartments and townhouses in various communities close to mass transit, as we had specified. She generously shared with us her own keen observations of strengths and weaknesses, for us, of each apartment and its surroundings. She really knows the GTA's neighborhoods, and helped us to see how we would or wouldn't fit it. Through the process, we refined our view of what we wanted. Green space outside and a gracious flow of space inside emerged as crucial elements of our new home. Because of our exploration with her, we discovered they meant even more to us than being close to mass transit or to our jobs. and that discovery led us to the space that fits us so well now. Damiris is a knowledgeable, creative and ethical negotiator. Her painstaking comparison of the advertisement with the suite's physical reality, her encyclopedic knowledge of the market and her appreciation of the Vendor's needs and goals resulted in a price favorable to us and fair to the Vendor. Damiris' proven contacts with seasoned lawyers and independent mortgage brokers smoothed the way to a trouble-free purchase of our new home, and sale of our old home. Damiris' professional qualifications are outstanding. Her energy and persistence in tracking down just the right property for a buyer and just the right buyer for a property are almost superhuman. Her principled pragmatism is exemplary. For her, real estate is not just a job, it's a calling. She loves matching each client with the space that is right for her or him, and she sees her work as a means of enhancing each person's quality of life. While making a good deal for her clients matters, doing so in the fairest way for all parties concerned matters to her even more. Moreover, her international, multi-cultural experience leads her to imagine each client's new home as part of a unique community to enrich and enjoy. Last, but not least, she is delightful to work with. She's charming, well-spoken, enthusiastic, optimistic and realistic. When we call her, she calls back promptly. Her ability to multi-task yet keep track of all the details is admirable, and seems effortless. She never appears too busy to give each client her full attention, interest and imagination. We'll definitely start our next move by getting in touch with her
Damiris is an exceptional individual. She made my first home purchase relatively painless. Damiris is knowledgeable, thorough and extremely personable. I wouldn't buy or sell another property without her!
Damiris is a consummate professional who always kept our interest at the forefront. Her extensive real estate knowledge was very beneficial in providing us with all the information we needed. What makes Damiris standout above other realtors is the fact that she will work relentlessly to ensure that you get the home of your dreams for a price you can afford
Damiris is the most dearest, caring and wonderful person I have ever known. When I met her I was going through a rough life - divorce, depression, all alone - no family and no one to turn to. My life was in a mess. Damiris was there for me every step of the way. I had to sell my home and Damiris did a fantastic job in finding me an affordable home. Without any pressure from her, I was able to make up my mind about purchasing my home - because I trusted her so much. She is committed to her work and strive to please her customers. I am living in this home for over 5 years now, and I am very happy. My mortgage is up for renewal later this year and I am thinking about moving again - and Damiris will be one I will be turning to again. Damiris - thanks for all your help - you have made my life so worthwhile. God Bless you and your family. I know Sacha will be just like you - successful, hardworking and committed to pleasing his clients. Good luck Sacha
Damiris is a highly motivated professional with extensive real estate knowledge & a dynamic personality. As a result of her relentless efforts and personal commitment to us,we were able to purchase our ideal home at an affordable price. Damiris is a wonderful, caring individual whose passion for her job makes her the best in the real estate industry.
Let me just start by saying "We LOVE Damaris." Buying our first home was such a stressful process for me. I didn't know if we should buy new or resale. I have to say it was fate the way we met Damaris and we hit it off immediately. She is such a knowledgeable professional. She knows her stuff and is not overly aggressive. Very assertive without being pushy. Damaris really did a good job for us. When it came down to the final negotiations I was so confident with her closing the deal (she even saved us extra money). I was really surprised at that but of course very grateful. After the closing there was a small problem but unlike other realtors who are out the door once the deal is done Damaris rectified the problem for us. I have to say I am probably one of her most satisfied customers and have since referred her to my friends. Keep up the good work Damaris.
Sacha has been my exclusive agent for the past 10 years...as a developer and custom home builder it is critical for me to know that my representative, when it comes to buying and selling, has the same focus and financial acumen as I do..Sacha has consistently proven himself and has demonstrated a superior understanding of the residential market in the GTA...his attention to the details and the numbers is excellent..Sacha does his homework ! His analysis and re-analysis is his trade mark signature.. before presenting an opportunity he "scrubs the data" which gives me the confidence in his recommendations. He has yet to disappoint.
Damiris is very professional, knowledgeable and definitely personable agent. Every question I had, she had an answer for and even the ones I didn't ask she provided the answers for too! It made buying my home painless, brainless and educational at the same time. I would definitely recommend her as an agent.
I came to know Damiris Moro when she was helping me sell my house and get out of a difficult situation. Ever since I have come to know her better than just a real estate agent. Because of what I know about her I make sure I recommend her services to all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you Damiris for being who you are.
Damiris made buying a home a delightful experience. We told Damiris what we were looking for and she made it happen. I must admit that we had a very narrow search and our criteria was quite specific. It was like finding a needle in a haystack! Not only is it a challenge to find a house that you can call home but to match it with the backyard of your dreams seemed like it would be an impossible mission. Damiris' strengths include her ability to rise to the task, to face and conquer challenges, her positive attitude, her dedication, as well as her ability to listen and to follow through. She really got to know us on a personal level which helped her to understand our needs for today as well as our goals for the future. Her forward thinking enabled us to purchase the most perfect home for us as a couple as well as a comfortable and warm environment that is ideal for raising a family. What started off as a vision quickly became a reality and for that, we are very grateful. They say that home is where the heart is and Damiris certainly listened to our hearts and found us a perfect home.
Sacha has been our families Realtor for over ten years for our personal and commercial properties. Sacha has recently just sold another home for us with a record breaking sale over asking price! Thank-you Sacha and the team at D&S for all your help and support
My Fiance and I just recently purchased our first home. It was a very smooth, non-stressful transaction thanks to the help of our friend Sacha. Sacha was so knowledgeable about the areas we were looking at, putting our minds to ease when it was time to put in an offer. He was able to get us a great price on our dream home. You can tell that he really puts the time and effort into researching the different areas we were interested in and making sure that he always had OUR best interests in mind. He took his time with us, making sure we understood each step of the way (as we didn't know a lot about buying a home)! Sacha was always very easy to get a hold of and always came through with anything he said he'd do! Thank you so much Sacha for making our first home purchase a breeze. We are so grateful.

It is with a great pleasure that I recommend Damiris Moro as a real estate agent and a highly experienced professional in her field. I was looking for an affordable and suitable apartment for rent, and within a quite limited time frame. Damiris helped me view several properties of interest: one of which I fell right in love with. Damiris responsibly handled all communication and negotiations with the landlord's agent. She has been of great help throughout the whole process, and if I ever again need services of a real estate agent, I know who I'm going to go to. Thank you, Damiris, for all your hard work, and thank you for being you: a cheerful and wise individual! Best, Val

Damiris is FABULOUS!!! We were looking for our first home and Damiris made the experience as pain free as she could. I'm very hard to handle at times and Damiris did everything right! I have told many, many people about Damiris and how great she is as a agent, as well as a person. I would would recommend her to anyone looking to have a great experience buying or selling
When looking to make a large purchase like a house u need to have some one that has some insight on this position, Sacha is very knowledgeable about his properties,and also the area in which they are in, which is very important. I made my first home purchase with Sacha and when i'm ready to move i think i will purchase from him again.
Sacha and his team deliver above average industry results. Their attention to customer needs are unparalleled. As an investor I can't say enough on the strengths of this companies abilities to pick the winners. I feel I'm in the best hands when dealing with Damiris & Sacha